Get In The Game!

At the Content Strategy Meet-Up, Greg Frankson (@Ritallin) creator of Cytopoetics gave a brilliant presentation demonstrating the critical importance of the creative mind when developing content, through his poetry.

Researching the likes of Louis Rosenfeld and Content Strategists around the world, Greg drew parallels between the online world and those in the arts emphasizing the need to look outside the policy and rules that govern our lives.

Why don’t we question more often? What are we doing to be the change we want to see in our organizations?

There are three kinds of people in the world today: those in the game, those who watch, and those oblivious to the play, which one are you?

I’ve been asked consistently in the people I’ve mentored around the world, workshops I’ve lead, and conferences attended this one repeating question: “How do I get buy-in for my ideas from my superiors?” The answer lies within.

Change doesn’t come from those who sit on sideline and complain.

Ignorance is not an excuse in the information age where we can know about anything and connect with anyone.

The solution is to get in the game!

Be patient and respectful of others but don’t ever settle for “good enough”. Keep the conversations going, especially when conflict and disagreement arise.

We cannot improve the way we see the world by perpetually following those who insist on the status-quo for their own benefit.

Which one are you?

Download the poem “Music Box”