Ubiquity for Firefox

Mozilla labs recently came out with Aurora, in partnership with Jesse James Garret, providing a future glimpse into how we may communicate, share data, and interact with both information and people.

I’ve been using Twitter to follow a number of people in the fields of IA, IxDA, UX, and HCI. David Armano, VP of Experience Design at Critical Mass, recently sent out a “tweet” about this video from Aza Raskin, head of User Experience at Mozilla labs on the release of Ubiquity.

We want to empower the user to be able to make mash-ups on their own; not to wait for a developer to do that for them. Enter ubiquity…connecting the web to language.

Ubiquity appears to be combining Command Line Interface with Graphic User Interface to create an intuitive web experience; and doing it quite well, I might add!