The Value of Nothing

For the past few years I’ve been telling people that my business model is very simple: share everything!

In the information age where we can access knowledge about anything, not adopting a similar mantra is to live in denial, plain and simple.

We are all experiencing the pain of this transition in different forms; personally, professionally, and of course financially. The optimist in me, and the Information Architect, sees this as an opportunity to clear away the clutter in our lives and simplify.

We continue to place far too high a value on possessions. We cling to titles that too closely define an individuals’ perceived value. Both of which are ultimately meaningless as they don’t begin to define the value of the ideas and creativity of any person; regardless of experience.

In a book published in January of this year entitled “The Value of Nothing” author Raj Patel shares insights into this future and how we can all benefit as a global community, working together.

Some may see such a vision as overly Utopian for humanity; however I disagree. As I noted in my last blog post, futurist Richard Seymour argues that there’s nothing that we can’t do. Instead we need to shift the conversation back to what we should be doing.

Imagine a world where every approach that is taken to solve a problem is one in which all parties benefit.

The opposite of consumption isn’t thrift. It’s generosity. The oldest civilizations and the latest neuroscience agree. We’re not just selfish, greedy creatures but that we’re happiest when we govern ourselves and live in common!

A little food for thought this Canadian Thanksgiving. Special thanks to my mom for sharing this video and inspiring this post. Cheers!